Nurture with Music offers a selection of tailored music programs that are designed to fit your creative need, whether it is for you or your toddler, child or teenager!

Our philosophy is to provide the most natural setting possible for you or your child to get in touch with their inner most creativity as they access their innate gift of music that each and everyone of us are born with.


These music programs are adaptable and progressive depending on how musically inclined the student is after the initial evaluation session.  The physical location of these music programs is also dynamic and flexible, in most cases they may take place in a studio, community hall, hobby room or in some exceptional cases held outdoors in a park, by a lake or forest setting.

1.  Music for Toddlers

Nurture with Music believes that it is important to introduce your baby or toddler to music as early as possible as the foundation of benefits it offers is realized between the ages of 1 – 5 years old.  Nurture with Music is flexible when it comes to running the music programs for toddlers.  If you would like one-on-one time for your toddler with the music coach, this can be arranged, however we typically run classes for 15 weeks for 3 – 8 toddlers at a time.  Read more about Music for Toddlers.

ENROLL YOUR CHILD today for the NEXT semester starting NEXT MONTH in the Pitt Meadows, Maple Ridge and Coquitlam areas!

$20 for ONE CLASS / DROP-IN or $180 for the 10 WEEK PROGRAM

kids with music

2.  Piano or Guitar Fundamentals

Nurture with Music can teach you the basic fundamentals of piano or guitar playing in just 10 weeks so that you can go on to progress through the Royal College of Music or to simply play freestyle for your own audio pleasure.

  • Piano – $50 per 50 min class for 10 weeks
  • Guitar – $60 per 60 min class for 10 weeks

3.  Music Theory Fundamentals

Nurture with Music can give you a complete overview of everything music, from the imagination, creation and production of Melodies, Harmonies, Rhythms, Guitars, Piano, Strings, Horns, Drums, Lyrics and much more!  The best music is produced when it is not scripted or planned, simply spontaneous and authentic!


  • Music Theory: 88 Keys, Octaves, Sight Reading, TAB, Scales, Harmonies, Majors/Minors, Chord Progressions – $60 per 60 min class for 10 weeks


4. Music Therapy

There are 3 types of Music Therapy Programs that depends on the specific situation for the Client, whether they require one-on-one attention or to be in a group session, whether it is part of the LifeSense Strategic Coaching session for getting in touch with one’s true authentic self, emotions and realizing one’s creative potential, or as a way to prevent Alzheimer in one’s golden years.

  • Music Therapy for 9 Months – 5 Years Old
    • $50 for 50 minute one-on-one class, or $20 for 1 hour group class
    • one-on-one 1 hour for $60, 100 min for $100 and 120 min for $120
  • Music Therapy for 25 – 55 Years Old as part of LifeSense Strategic Coaching Sessions
    • one-on-one 1 hour for $60, 100 min for $100 and 120 min for $120
  • Music Therapy for 55+ Years
    • $50 for 50 minute one-on-one class, or $20 for 1 hour group class
    • one-on-one 1 hour for $60, 100 min for $100 and 120 min for $120