The creation and production of music, whether it is lyrics writing or actual music creation is a therapeutic way to channel ones inner feelings, emotions, frustrations and messages.

The production of music is an effective outlet, much like writing ones feelings down on paper or in a letter – extracted out of the mind so that it can free up space for more relaxing thoughts – or to enable one to simply be in the moment.  I am sure many of us have experienced the creative bug or those times when your mind just won’t switch off when you are trying to relax in bed so that you can fall asleep.

Now the potential that one’s musical rantings can actually reach and touch other peoples lives is a powerful thought.  The viral impact of listening to a particular song or lyric that seems to ring home to the audience at a given time can be so powerful as to move that person either through dance expression, inspiration or triggering a life-changing event.

Enclosed is one song called Sunnyside which speaks about Insomnia – listen and see whether you can relate to that feeling of insomnia as a way to help you overcome your insomnia.  Clear your mind, cleanse your soul so that your heart can feel lighter!