“Music has the power to unite the brotherhood of mankind, and to bring to the surface – the truth about Life, Love and Light. “

Do you remember the original Band Aid (Live Aid Feed the World) song of 1984 “Do they know it’s Christmas?” – a collaboration of some of the most legendary and talented 1980s British bands that was put together by Bob Geldof as part of raising awareness about the famine in Africa.  The funds raised from this song were donated for food, medical and water aid to some of the most deprived countries of Africa.


There are so many MUSIC LEGENDS OF THE PAST who’s Earth life was very short due to murder, drugs and a sudden death, but who’s creative and innate deep message from their spirit was loud, clear and brought about change for a better world.  Some of the greatest ones include:  John Lennon, Bob Marley and Michael Jackson.  REST IN PEACE to all these talented and loving souls as they jam together in the after life behind the veil.

Though their Earth bodies have perished, their music and legacy lives on through the hands of time, through the different generations of the past and beyond.  It is true to say that their messages of love, compassion, unity and peace they sang about continues to propagate the planet which means that their MUSIC, their art, their creative love expression has technically transcended death.

“Music is the universal language that breaks down borders and opens up the hearts of all men.”

Through their legendary music, their spirit can be felt through their music and lyrics, therefore calling upon their message to humanity like John Lennon’s song “Imagine”, Bob Marley’s song “One Love” and Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World”.

john lennon

John Lennon was a big advocate for uniting mankind through music.  Since music is a universal language, the universe’s language, it has the power to be a vehicle for bringing peace to war torn countries and continents, uniting humanity through peace and love expressed in the music.

It also has the power to raise awareness of global compassion, unity and that we are all spawn from the same source of Life, the Creator, and that we should be united by the fact that we are all HUMAN.

music quote
Bob Marley was a talented songwriter and artist for tapping into his inner feelings, unleashing his suppressed emotions through music and bringing awareness to the truth about humanity, the system and living a life of freedom, love and unity.


Music can be seen as a powerful creative and emotional outlet for many artists to get their messages out to the masses and express their innate creativity.

Michael Jackson was known for using music to raise peoples awareness on protecting Mother Earth and trying to bring awareness to political and society issues that prevented humanity from attaining freedom, love and peace.