Music is Medicine to one’s body, mind and spirit. Bringing balance and wellness to one’s overall well-being.

Music has the ability to vibrate one’s inner being on multiple levels including biologically, emotionally, cognitively, socially and spiritually.

In fact music is so powerful it can┬áresonate one’s cellular structure to the core, striking a chord on such a deep and intricate level it can literally move one’s heart and soul strings and vibrate one’s body unconsciously.

Biologically music can regulate all physiological functions, rhythms and cycles:
  • regulate breathing, heart rate and blood pressure
  • induce sleep, calm and relaxation
  • integrate the sensory system
  • stimulate cellular responses on an atomic level
  • improve athletic performance
  • improve cognitive function
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Emotionally music can move stagnant emotions, bring movement to the energy of emotions:
  • identify and help manage suppressed feelings
  • bring calmness and stability to an agitated and anxious mood
  • unveil a spectrum of deep rooted emotions
  • release pain, past hurt or trauma experiences trapped in the heart and mind
  • revitalize joy, happiness and happy childhood memories
  • increase trust and enhance emotional intelligence
Cognitively music can inspire the creative process and transcend past and present memories:
  • improve attention and memory recalling
  • increase spatial-temporal reasoning
  • improve attention and memory
  • utilize both left and right brain hemisphere function
  • enhance overall learning and ability to focus
Socially, music can evoke reminiscent memories of past and present relationships:
  • generate intimacy, compassion and open heart connections between people
  • increase quality of life and embrace living
  • provide time and space to share the moment and spend quality time together
  • connect people through shared events, nostalgic feelings of joy, love and hope
  • evoke enjoyment, social engagement of dancing and singing

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Spiritually, music can promote ethereal experiences, meditation practices and a higher consciousness
  • provide comfort and peace
  • assist with dealing with past hurt, trauma and regret
  • facilitate the journey of dealing with death, and conquering one’s fear
  • promote the journey through different states of unconsciousness and altered states
  • provide transcendence and uncovering of deep spiritual places
  • assist in prayer circles and meditation practices through chants, vibrations and mantras
  • restore hope, dignity and love for oneself and others
  • bring one closer to God, the divine source and creator